The pursuit of innovation is basic to Voxan's culture. It shapes our strategy, defines our purpose, and governs every facet of our operations from research and development.
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Our Quality Values

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Our Quality Values

Since 1999, the Voxan name has been synonymous with the trust and reliability inherent in the word Quality. Our business practices and processes are designed to achieve quality results that exceed the expectations of patients, customers, colleagues, investors, business partners and regulators. The Quality Value is a standard against which we measure ourselves and a guide for decision-making in ambiguous situations. We dedicate ourselves to providing the highest quality products to our patients and customers. And at the same time, we focus our energy on the quality of health and healthcare around the world.


Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) Policy

We are committed to protect the environment, health and safety of our employees, contractors and neighbouring community.
To achieve this, we will:

Comply with all regulatory requirements and align with Voxan Global Guidelines

Adopt newer technologies to improve efficiency of operations and achieve continual improvement of our EHS performance

Conserve resources

Reduce, reuse and recycle wastes thus effectively preventing pollution

Enhance EHS awareness amongst employees by training and educating our customers and the neighbouring community

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