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Kidney stones: Ayurved coming to the rescue

You probably never knew of the effect a 2mm object could have on you until you experienced the phenomenon called kidney stone. Kidney stones, if you’re among the average person who has experienced the excruciating pain brought about by the simple looking kidney stone.

In case you haven’t encountered the ‘stone’ yet or met with it just once – you still need to know some more about the ‘stone.’ Why?  Because this rather painful little deposit can cause enough uproar in your system and can recur – if you don’t respect it enough. A few simple guidelines on the dos and don’ts, and you’re golden.

First things first: What is the kidney stone?

Kidney stones are little deposits formed in the ureter and bladder. These deposits obstruct

the flow of bodily toxins, which would otherwise pass naturally through urine.

According to Ayurveda, an imbalance of vata leads to the drying of kapha.  This, in turn, leads to kidney stones.

How do kidney stones develop?

Disclaimer: All of us are human and might be guilty as charged with the points below. However, there are several chances for us to remedy ourselves – if we choose to.

Presenting the fact and the mind:

Fact of the matter
But the mind says

Less water intake

Remember, you meant to have at least 4 liters a day?


That happens every day/when I’m in a hurry/upset

Avoiding/postponing urinal urges

Hmm, I’m too bored to get up from my movie/reading/chatting

Staying up late nights

People don’t seem to understand the inspiration that strikes at midnight

Aerated drinks

I’ve promised to give up next year

Excess dairy products

Not always

Eating food which led to gas/bloating

Not always

Irregular daily regimes which led to acidity

Same as above

Sedentary lifestyle

I do know sitting is the new smoking

Untimely eating

Can I help it if my work just got over?

Use of preservative food 

Isn’t it easier?

Uses of sauces, vinegar

Only sometimes? Or did I forget I added some just yesterday? And the day before?

Alcohol consumption

It’s all his fault

Excess non-vegetarian food

It’s the cat’s fault


It’s the boss’ fault

Urinary tract infection


What happens when the kidney stone strikes?
  • It’s just an excruciating pain in the area of the kidney, spreading towards the spine and all over
  • Nausea
  • Heaviness in breathing
  • Restlessness
  • Feeling bloated
  • Frequent sensation of urination
  • Difficulty in urination/pain urination
  • Fever and chills
Combating the kidney stone

The removal or reduction of the stone size will depend on the size, shape, location, and strength of the stone.

According to Ayurveda,

  • Small-sized stones can be removed through food, preventive measures, and adequate water intake
  • Ayurvedic herbs and medicines can break a stone, larger than a grain of sand
  • In advanced cases, large stones can be removed with flush therapy or invasive surgical methods
Some home remedies

1. Drink right:

  •     Barley water (morning and evening)
  •     Lemon water
  •     Buttermilk
  •     Coconut water (morning)
  •     Pumpkin soup
  •     Sweet lime juice (not in excess)  

2. Consume sugarcane:

  •     Mix green cardamom with a little sugarcane juice (twice a day empty stomach)
  •     Tulsi seeds with sugarcane and milk
  •     Cumin seeds, sugarcane, and honey
  •     Fennel seeds, coriander, sugarcane/mishri (unrefined sugar)

3. Take some watermelon (preferably eat the fruit)

4. Include amla powder in the food

Dos vs Don’ts: A simple truth about Ayurvedic remedies

  • Drink enough water vs liquor consumption, aerated drinks
  • Eat on time
  • Urinate on time vs holding the urge
  • Cleanse the bowel by drinking warm water early in the morning
  • Avoid tomatoes, brinjal, chikku, too many bananas, dairy products, maida food – if you have a history of kidney stones
  • Regularly practice yoga poses, meditation, pranayama vs a sedentary lifestyle / too much   exercise (in the case of a large stone, or hypertension)
  • Eat fruits with high water content

These ayurvedic remedies can be followed in general and will be beneficial. It’s advised to get a complete Ayurvedic check-up to get a customized treatment plan.

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