The pursuit of innovation is basic to Voxan's culture. It shapes our strategy, defines our purpose, and governs every facet of our operations from research and development.
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Pursuing Innovation

The pursuit of innovation is basic to Voxan’s culture. It shapes our strategy, defines our purpose, and governs every facet of our operations — from research and development (R&D) that leads to pharmaceutical inventions, to the transfer of knowledge to patients and providers, to the way we respond to the changing marketplace.

Voxan scientists have produced innovative breakthroughs in a wide range of research areas, hypertension, bacterial infections and systemic fungal infections. And today we’re taking on some of the world’s most difficult diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

Voxan has won several awards including that for the most respected organization.

About our products

Our Six brands feature among the Top 500 pharmaceutical brands in India

Two of Voxan’s brands – Mexlint Liniment (Herbal Embrocation) and Timer-Z Powder (Instant Energizer) -- continue to rank among the Top 100 pharmaceutical drug brands

Mexlint has won the Most Trusted Brand Award

Going Beyond Medicines

We offer Patient Assistance Programmes for Stone flushing, rheumatic pain and number of conceptual ayurvedic products.

We partner with physician associations to develop recommendations / guidelines of managing specific diseases

Location & People

Headquartered in Mumbai

Numerous colleagues spread across India

State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities at Baroda and Ahmedabad (GJ)

Board of Directors

Mr. B.S.Rathore

Chairman and Managing Director

Mr. B.S.Rathore is a leading pharmaceutical marketing expert with a tag of pharmacist since 4 decades in india. He specializes in a broad spectrum of Ayurvedic, Allopathic and Neutraceuticals.

Mr. B.S.Rathore first founded the organization on 21st November, 1999.


Mr. A.P.S.Rathore holds an MBA from an esteemed university based in Pune.

He is also an Architect and Construction Management Professional with his works sprawling all across india.

Mr. A.P.S.Rathore was appointed to the Board on 26th November, 2009.

Mr. A.P.S.Rathore

Our Vision

Reaching societies and touching lives worldwide as a leading provider of valued medications.

Our Mission

To be the premier, innovative pharmaceutical company.

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